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At Groupe PMI, we are motivated by a profound desire to be a reliable long-term partner of choice for each of our clients. To do so, we do everything possible to offer them adapted and optimized solutions to reach their objectives efficiently and contribute to their success.


Groupe PMI's team takes care of every step of your projects, starting at the design phase up to manufacturing and installation.


Julie Bouffard

Account Manager

Having been part of the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, Julie has been part of Groupe PMI since 2018. As an account manager, she advocates a personalized approach to meet your needs. Thanks to her versatility and her skills, Julie will be able to advise you on the four divisions of Groupe PMI as well as accompanying you throughout the realization of your industrial projects.

Call Julie

450 421-8439


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Jean-Noël Dubé

Operations Manager

With 33 years of experience in the industrial field, Jean-Noël manages, in collaboration with his efficient teams, large-scale projects for non-decree work. Whether for the repair, mechanical installation or replacement of tanks, piping, and industrial lime kilns, he is the expert to help you carry out your projects and your planned plant shutdowns.

Call Jean-Noël

819 578-3655


Mike Richard

Project Director

Working in the field for 38 consecutive years, Mike carries out various non-decree projects and large-scale planned plant shutdowns. While offering personalized support to each of his clients, he is always on the lookout to meet the deadlines required by each. He specializes, among other things, in repair projects, mechanical installation, and replacement of tanks, piping, and industrial lime kilns.

Call Mike

819 823-5026