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A leader in non-decree construction, PIERVAN plays an important role in the manufacturing, petroleum as well as pulp and paper sectors. The Groupe PMI division offers all kinds of services, mainly repair and installation of piping and tanks. It also offers a welding service for metal parts directly in the field and more.


Thanks to its many years of experience, the division has developed great expertise in plant shutdown situations and in the complex installation of piping and tanks, mechanical equipment of all kinds since 1987.

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high-pressure welding and all kinds

During construction sites or planned production shutdowns, our teams in the field weld metal parts directly on site. We have welders who are experts in the high-pressure process and others use processes like TIG (GTAW), MIG (FCAW), PULSER, STT, ELECTRODE (SMAW) et SUBMERGED ARC (SAW).

Welders perform all forms of welding work directly on job sites, which helps us optimize our performance on large-scale projects while on time and on budget for our customers.

Piping installation and repair

PIERVAN specializes specifically in industrial piping for any type of non-decree project. Our experts install and repair suitable piping systems that withstand precise temperatures and pressures.

From the design to the installation of the parts, our team takes care of coordinating all the steps to offer an optimal quality result that meets the expectations of the customer.

Tank installation and repair

PIERVAN provides you with an industrial tank installation and repair service for non-decree projects. Our teams can coordinate the entire process of carrying out your project.

Our types of work vary enormously. We install and repair pressure vessels as well as dust collectors, condensers, and digesters. We will contribute to a project matching our expertise, regardless of its size.

Equipment installation and dismantling

We offer an equipment installation and dismantling service, which meets important safety standards when performing the work. Our clients benefit from our professional service considering their specific needs and follows the schedule to complete the project properly.

Our teams are mobilized quickly to carry out large-scale work that will help optimize your industrial facilities.

Installation and repair of steel structures

The installation and repair of steel structures are an integral part of our expertise within the PIERVAN division. Strength and durability are important features when designing them.

The steel structures that we install serve, among other things, as a complementary element to the main projects. These immeasurable parts to install or repair represent great challenges for our teams who know how to carry out all the work in due form.

Lime Kilns and rotary dryers

With many years of experience in the field, the PIERVAN division takes care of the process from the design to the installation of lime kilns. These calcining kilns are used to transform limestone into lime which will be used as raw material.

Furthermore, we're the industry specialists when it comes to industrial rotary dryers. Given the complexity of the work, we follow ingenious processes that help to carry out the work on time and above all, in a safe manner for the teams on site.

Wood debarker

We carry out projects in industries specializing in wood processing. Whether for maintenance, repair, dismantling or installation of a wood debarker, PIERVAN has the knowledge in the field. According to the needs and the budget of our customers, we deliver a project according to our high-quality standards.