STIM, a division of Groupe PMI, has positioned itself as the reference in terms of maintenance and industrial mechanics since its foundation in 2009. Motivated by a deep desire to be a reliable partner, we make every effort to offer you tailored and optimized solutions to achieve your objectives effectively and contribute to the success of your project. 


Our multidisciplinary team carries out all types of industrial maintenance work. Whether it is emergency work, critical shutdowns or maintenance plans, we are able to meet your needs. We are the reference for your industrial mechanics projects.

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Preventive maintenance work

Whether it's an installation, a project, a retrofit or a planned maintenance shutdown, we are committed to maximizing your production capacities and even your profitability. Whether simple or complex, whatever the nature of your project, we will carry it out efficiently by doing everything possible to ensure its success by working in close collaboration with the maintenance and engineering departments.

By helping to maintain a high level of production and reducing repair costs, our team works hard to complete a high-quality project.

Planned production shutdowns

Thanks to our optimal working methods, we can carry out large-scale work subject to rigorous planning and constant monitoring. We listen to our customers and the quality of our work allows us to meet the best deadlines according to the established budget.

With several years of experience in the field, we have developed an expertise allowing us to manage large-scale projects including, among other things, planned production shutdowns. Whether it is for the maintenance, repair, modification, renovation or installation of production equipment or machinery, STIM will be the trusted partner in the realization of your future projects.

Installation and relocation of industrial equipment

Choosing our team means doing business with an expert in the industrial equipment installation and removal industry. We take charge of moving and relocating equipment the way it should be done. Then we reinstall all the machines and parts to meet your needs.

Outsourcing of specialized personnel

STIM offers excellent service in outsourcing of specialized personnel. We can count on the experience, dedication, and professionalism of some 100 employees. Our position as provincial leader allows us to have an excellent quantity of manpower and to offer high quality staff.

Regardless of the nature, duration or extent of the intervention required, we will offer you fully tailored solutions. Resource outsourcing is a quick, efficient, and turnkey solution solving problems encountered in the market today.