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With its dynamic team, including some employees with more than 35 years of experience in the field, FAB PSI, a division of Groupe PMI, is an industrial manufacturing plant offering a turnkey service. Our team of engineers, members of the OIQ and the PEO, will support you throughout the production process, from design to manufacturing, while meeting your needs and respecting your budgets. We work towards the success of the completion of your projects!

Our unique strength

The adapted equipment of our workshop and the know-how of our experienced team allow us to carry out all types of large-scale projects.

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CWB 47.1 W59

ASME Section VIII Division 1

ASME B31.1, B31.3

National Board

ULC Standards (Electric)


Over the years, FAB PSI has developed a solid expertise in the manufacture of tanks in steel, stainless steel and various alloys. We also design and manufacture pressurized or atmospheric tanks, which meet both the specifications of our customers and recognized standards such as ASME and API.

Our internal quality standards are very rigorous, and our customer satisfaction policy is the assurance of high-quality production. We also have U.Stamp, S.Stamp and R.Stamp certifications.

Our column submerged arc welder allows tanks to be worked with finesse. The welding process is reliable, robust and is used for the manufacture of massive parts. While optimizing the productivity of our factory, this equipment produces very good quality welds. In addition, we have a high definition plasma cutting table with a capacity of 10' X 40'. We can also roll plates up to 2 ¾" thick.


By positioning ourselves as a leader in piping types such as B31.1 and B31.3 in all types of alloys, we have the qualified workforce to carry out your piping projects of all diameters and thicknesses required.

Our experts in the manufacturing plant specialize in several types of welding processes currently used to make industrial piping.


Thanks to our real technical expertise in the field, our industrial chimneys are designed and manufactured in our factory according to our high-quality standards and within the required deadlines.

Working in the industrial environment for more than 30 years, our team will be able to support you in all types of evacuation system projects.


Our experts at FAB PSI design and manufacture specialized industrial jigs from quality materials. Thanks to our high manufacturing criteria, the delivered product will be of the most efficiency.

Whether for machining, cutting, drilling, gluing, riveting, transporting, or handling jigs, we're here to help. We offer innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs and expectations of each client. With a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate professionals, the company carries out integrated, simple, and complex projects by combining products and expertise in a unique way.

Walkways and mezzanines

Our mezzanines and walkways are designed to improve and optimize your daily operations as well as make your workspaces and surfaces profitable. They are designed by our experienced engineers according to your specific needs. It is possible to add lifting tools or tools of any kind.

To equip your industrial premises, factories, production spaces and workshops, FAB PSI offers you a turnkey service by carrying out your tailor-made projects. We have the expertise to design for you, regardless of your deadlines and your budget, safe metal structures that are adapted to your activities.

Trust our experts; they will be able to guide you through the customization of your mezzanine or walkway.

Industrial tools

To ensure the protection and safety of your personnel, FAB PSI offers to design and manufacture industrial tools. It is a complete turnkey solution to meet your functional needs. Industrial tools are all equipment allowing your business to ensure better productivity performance while having the well-being of your employees at heart.

FAB PSI is distinguished by its unparalleled service based on proposals for quick and efficient solutions to lead to the accomplishment of your projects.

Heat Exchanger

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers and our team of engineers with extensive expertise in the field, FAB PSI offers a “turnkey” service. Our service offering includes the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of your heat exchangers.

Our team of unparalleled performance is available for you throughout the project and makes sure to meet your needs.

Lifting equipment

As soon as possible, FAB PSI designs and manufactures lifting equipment of all kinds which are used in the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in Quebec.

We are a benchmark in lifting equipment to optimize your production and working conditions for your staff. We take care of everything! From the design to the installation of your lifting devices, they will be adapted to your needs and your physical installations.

Mechanical equipment

Whether it is for the modification or the design and manufacture of one of your mechanical equipment, FAB PSI offers you a turnkey service to increase your productivity or your efficiency.

Depending on your requirements and constraints, our engineers conceptualize equipment that will meet your business needs. Our goal is to prioritize quality above all else and to be a trusted partner for the completion of your projects.


The FAB PSI division takes care of your industrial hopper projects used to collect, store or dump materials of all types. We are experts in advanced manufacturing, and we ensure the success of your projects.

By respecting deadlines, our team delivers the parts manufactured for you on time, whether for the design, manufacture, and installation of your industrial equipment.


For practical and functional material storage, FAB PSI designs and manufactures industrial silos for you. Our specialists carry out your projects on time and ensure that all your requests are met.

By trusting us, you are dealing with a solution partner ready to help you with any type of industrial work.